eQuipMe™ Mobile based ERP Time, Attendance and Labor Management solution extends the Oracle Time and Labor (OTL) capabilities to mobile devices. It enables improved tracking of time entries by employees and allows for recording the time in a flexible manner – thus, increasing productivity.

Ensure rapid time and absence entries

One of the largest priorities for employers and employees is the ability to document their working times. eQuipMe™ Time and Labor Management Mobile solution ensures prompt recording of accurate data to foster robust project planning and management.

Automate time and attendance with eQuipMe™

Select specific dates to enter the time details and display existing entries for accurate and comprehensive capture of entry time.

Allow managers to view submitted time entries with the ability to approve, reject, or ask for information.

View saved timecard entries and make last-minute changes, if required, before submitting the final entry.

Use the punch-in feature to enter time using a stopwatch and automatically record the entry time.

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eQuipMe™ Mobile ERP success story

We helped a large oil and gas company to manage real-time material transactions for item availability, sub-inventory transfer, and WIP transactions. Our simplified order to cash workflow reduced user effort and maximized the overall productivity.

Solution Highlights

Integrated with Oracle MAF Platform

Offline working and real-time sync on network restoration

Easy-to-use and innovative UI


Minimal effort required for closing orders

Sharp reduction in order processing time

Accessible across device platforms – iOS, Android (phone, tablet, etc.)

eQuipMe™ - Mobile ERP Time Entry App for Enterprise

Our eQuipMe Oracle Mobile ERP Digital Suite helps you achieve workforce smarter, simpler and faster.

Automate time and labor management.
Increase workforce performance.