eQuipMe™, powered by Oracle Approvals Mobile ERP Application, automates the process of responding to approver notifications. It extends the existing backend IT systems to the mobile platform – thereby, eliminating the dependency on static workstations. eQuipMe™ Business Approval solutions help increase business flexibility while reducing infrastructure costs.

Automate and streamline accruals workflows

Manual accrual processes are time-consuming and complex due to workflows involving different owners and requesters. eQuipMe™ delivers an automated accrual management solution for streamlining the end-to-end vendor accrual process - hand-offs between multiple departments like FP&A, business owners, and GL users.

Reinvent accruals management with eQuipMe™

Manage the services’ accruals process with a fully integrated workflow between multiple modules.

Get a browser-based accrual management system that is scalable and flexible.

Transform from a spreadsheet-based process to a fully efficient workflow-based process with automated workflows.

Promotes BYOD culture and creates a win-win situation for both employer and employee.

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eQuipMe™ Mobile ERP success story

We empowered one of the leading social networking brands to automate the entire purchase and approval tracking process. Their finance and operations teams went paperless as the accrual process became faster and error-free accrual entry.

Solution Highlights

Automated Oracle Journal entries

Accrual-at-a-Glance (Dashboard & metrics)

Accrual Reconciliation report


1.6 million USD cost savings

80% overall reduction in process time

1- 2 days for ME process completion

eQuipMe™ - Accruals Automation Management Mobile App Demo

Our eQuipMe Oracle Mobile ERP Digital Suite helps you achieve workforce smarter, simpler and faster.

No more spreadsheets.
Make the accrual process faster and smarter.