Scalable Test Automation – High ROI, Low-Maintenance

Managing the performance and scalability of Oracle EBS applications upgrade can be extremely challenging, considering its complex and time-consuming testing processes. Its why test automation can play a critical role in ensuring quality assurance and quicker deployment. It’s also important to mitigate compliance risks while keeping track of new upgrades and releases.

But, if testing follows single module-approach, the end-user journey gets affected. Hence, the need of the hour is for scalable test automation, which helps maximize ROI without involving high maintenance costs or efforts.

What Sets Aspire Systems Apart?

Aspire Systems, with deep domain expertise, provides scalable and end-to-end Oracle EBS Upgrade & Migration Test Automation solutions. We are backed by a growing talent pool of certified oracle and testing experts and strong partnerships with leading industry players.

Aspire’s ready-to-use test automation tools and frameworks equip you to get started quickly, and our pre-built test accelerator makes it effortless to manage Oracle EBS upgrade workflows.

Our Oracle EBS Test Automation Services

ERP Functional Test Automation

  • Roadmap for Automation Testing
  • Tool Evaluation & Automation Test Lab
  • Automation Framework & Libraries
  • Build & Enhance Regression Test Suite
  • Automation Tools

ERP Implementation Testing

  • Functional Unit Testing
  • Business Scenario Testing
  • System Integration Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing support

ERP Performance & Security Testing

  • Load and Stress Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • ERP Authorizations
  • Web User Authentication & SSO to ERP Apps
  • Monitoring and Auditing Java-based & ERP Solution

ERP Mobility Testing

  • Mobile Device & Application Testing
  • Manual, Functional, Automation, Performance, Security & System UAT
  • Managed Testing Services

Our 3-Step Test Automation Approach

Analyze & Plan

Understanding processes and functionalities, unearthing testing needs, evaluating tools, conducting test case feasibility analysis, developing a roadmap, etc.

Design, Develop & Execute

Setting up test environments, designing test cases, creating test data, developing test automation scripts, tracking defects, implementing continuous testing, etc.

Maintain & Continuously Improve

Maintaining automation tools and configurations, maintaining scripts, continuously performing enhancements, etc.

How We Select Your Best-Fit Test Automation Tool

Measurable Business Outcomes

High ROI and low maintenance efforts

Continuous testing for faster feedback cycles

Improved test coverage and efficiency

End-to-end support for web, mobile, and GUI platforms

Inbuilt cloud scalability for alignment with tech roadmaps

Continuous integration and delivery with DevOps

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