Company Overview

Advanced Technology Group

Our Technical Architects and Technical Managers together form the Advanced Technology Group (ATG). ATG's focus of attention and responsibility is on helping us, and hence our customers, stay on the leading edge of technology development at all times. Members from ATG participate actively in projects during particular phases and/or solve specific problems on demand. They also lead technical audits that ensure propagation of best practices across projects.

Technical Health Index

Our ATG audits projects on a regular basis to review and provide an independent opinion on the technical quality of projects and identify areas of improvement. This is our primary and practical mechanism to elevate the technical quality of our work across the board and to propagate best practices. We believe our strong attention to technical quality of our work results in substantial value delivery to our customers.

Speciality Groups

We recognize that delivering technology projects successfully requires a diverse mix of skill-sets. Our Speciality Groups on Business Analysis, User Interface Design and Database Administration bring valuable skills to the project at the right time, ensuring complete attention and success.

Our Team

We focus substantial attention on developing and retaining great talent. As a knowledge firm where value to customers is delivered by teams of employees, our investment in our team has a direct and positive impact on our ability to add value to customers.

Process Health Index

We understand that effective work processes are critical to the quality of work products. PHI verifies the engineering and management practices in projects against industry standard quality management practices. Work processes are improved by addressing gaps and institutionalizing process innovations identified during PHI audits. This eventually results in work products of consistent quality, delivered to customers, efficiently.