Oracle CX Portfolio

Marketing Cloud

Oracle CX’s Marketing Cloud ensures that marketers deliver personalized and exceptional omni channel experiences to customers. Marketing Cloud has unique features including Automation, Cross Channel Orchestration, Content Marketing and Social Marketing. The Oracle Marketing AppCloud is the best thing since sliced bread and connects hundreds of leading apps to Oracle’s open marketing cloud platform.

Service Cloud

Oracle CX’s service cloud helps differentiate brands by developing lasting and profitable relationships by unified social, web and contact center experiences. It helps in seamless customer engagements, infusing actionable insights, solving customer problems and thus delight them. It has attractive features including Omni Channel Service, Self Service, Intelligent Knowledgebase, Smart Assistants and an effective email response management system.

Engagement Cloud

The Oracle CX Engagement Cloud allows you to vividly engage and support high value accounts using its advanced and inventive sales and service capabilities. It has progressive knowledge authoring capabilities and a 360-degree view of customers to deliver accurate customer insights.. Its AI and ML driven approach makes way for interesting features like ‘Win Probability Scores’ and ‘Next Best Sales Action’ suggestions, for making informed and intuitive sales and support decisions.