Accurate data is the lifeline of any enterprise across industries. It helps analyze historical processes, make growth predictions, reduce operational costs, and increase revenue. But, without a fully integrated data ecosystem, you end up making poor decisions due to lackluster analytics and reporting. Aspire’s Oracle Analytics Cloud implementation services, you can use a customizable, scalable platform that combines augmented, self-service, and governed analytics. We help facilitate quick and smart decision-making while reducing your TCO and deployment efforts.

Our Oracle Analytics Cloud Service Insights & Success Stories

Case Study

Empowering a top fashion retail giant in MENA with analytical reports dashboards - using Oracle Analytics Cloud

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How Do You Migrate from Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS) to Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC)

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Impact of Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) & Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) In Enterprises

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Our Oracle Analytics Cloud solution can be used by a wide range of industries, such as:

  • Metrics measurement – compliance, product availability, etc.
  • Inventory positions, turns, costs & forecasts
  • Price, promotions, markdowns & sales reports
  • Market basket & customer loyalty analysis
  • Oracle HCM Cloud Analytics
  • Path analysis to understand customer behavior
  • Customer lifetime value insights
  • Halo & cannibalization analysis

Case Study

Empowering a top fashion retail giant in MENA with analytical reports & dashboards - using Oracle Analytics Cloud

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  • Automated data warehousing services
  • 360-degree patient care data management
  • Patient volume forecasting insights
  • Predictive fraud analysis
  • Oracle HCM Analytics Cloud
  • Billing & payment analytics

Case Study

Oracle Database Administration For Fujifilm Sonosite

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  • Predictive equipment maintenance analytics
  • Workforce optimization insights
  • Compliance data management
  • Product optimization analytics
  • Oracle Analytics Cloud Mobile App
  • Future demand and trends analytics
  • Customer feedback data management
  • Supply chain forecasting analytics

Case Study

Data warehouse and analytics on Oracle EBS using Power BI

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  • Network health, capacity & performance analytics
  • Workforce productivity analytics
  • New product launch insights
  • Service optimization analytics
  • Oracle Mobile Cloud Enterprise Analytics
  • Customer churn prediction insights
  • Predictive workforce analytics
  • Credit risk management analytics
  • Regulatory & compliance data analytics
  • Anti-money laundering & fraud insights
  • Business Intelligence on Oracle Cloud Analytics
  • Profitability data analytics

Case Study

Aspire streamlines the Digital First Approach with Oracle Fusion HCM for BNB Paribas

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Case Study

Leveraging Oracle Mobile Cloud Service and eQuipMe Suite for secure expense management and cloud integration in a Big Four audit firm

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Case Study

Development Bank of Rwanda Improves Technical and Operational Efficiency with Oracle ERP Financial Cloud

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Benefits of Oracle Analytics Cloud and Features

  • Extract, cleanse, harmonize, and analyze enterprise data – creating a single source of insights that offers broad and granular business intelligence.
  • Leverage the only cloud analytics platform to support Natural Language Query (NLQ) in 28 languages.
  • Get visualization, reporting, voice command capabilities, NLP, etc., in a single platform.
  • Use self-service visualization and inline data preparation to extract proactive insights with enterprise reporting, self-learning analytics, etc.
  • Empower end-users with self-service to analyze the data with minimal effort and instant mobile insights.

What Sets Us Apart?

Driven by experience

Work with an Oracle Partner Cloud Standard – having successfully executed 10+ Oracle projects aimed at optimizing costs and maximizing value.

Powered by innovation

Tap into ALICIA (Aspire Libraries for Ingest, Compute, Insight and Analysis) - Aspire lab that helps conduct PoCs, validate options, and run feasibility analysis.

Handheld by experts

Extract data and visually present it to key executives with tools like Micro Strategy, Power BI, etc., with help from our Oracle Business Analytics consultants.

Our Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) Clients


How we can help?

Enterprise Reporting & Migration

  • Data Visualization
  • BI Reporting
  • Integrate with multiple data sources.
  • Migrate from traditional BI systems to OAC
  • Migrate from cloud BI to OAC.
  • Migrate from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure/DB Cloud

Augmented & Predictive Analytics

  • Automated deep insights by leveraging AI and ML
  • Conversational Analysis
  • Forecasting & Clustering

Embedded & Enhanced Analytics

  • Embed in web Application & webpages
  • Chatbots

Mobile Business Intelligence(BI)

  • Build Custom Mobile Apps on top of OAC
  • Oracle Day by Day mobile application

Blazing-fast implementation

Accelerated implementations - as fast as 12-16 weeks.

Ready-made components

Reusable reports, starter kits, and over 100 pre-built components.

Team of cloud-certified professional experts

Expert team, including 200+ consultants, with- PMP, Oracle, ITIL & OGAF certification.

Inbuilt solution accelerators

Powerful solution accelerators that help save up to 60% migration costs.

Maximize your Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) journey