What is iEstate?

Aspire Systems, an Oracle Platinum Partner has built iEstate, a SaaS, cloud-based Property Management Solution built on the Oracle platform. It helps property developers, real estate companies and Lease Management firms streamline business processes and covers areas like Property Sales Management, Leasing Management, Sub-contractor Management and Facility Management. It enables an excellent omnichannel customer experience and includes features like Sales, Social engagement, Billing and Payment Automation.

Business Process Value Chain

The ERP solution caters to every step of the real estate process including Site development, Construction Development, Sales, Lease and Facility Lifecycle. It also leverages Oracle Financial Cloud as an extension of the administration process, thus reducing overheads and the risk of errors, while maintaining and managing property sales as well.

Key features of iEstate

360° Property View

With the help of advanced geocoding functionalities and interactive GMAP features, iEstate has enabled a 360° property view feature which is a long shot from our competitors. Our 360° view of the property enables agents/companies to build an intimate understanding of their clients and their preferences.

Property Sales & Customer Relationship Management

With iEstate, companies can also look into leads that come from social and marketing platforms and can convert them into actual buyers and deals. iEstate also offers add-on features like inventory visibility and administrative view on the following:


Facility Management

iEstate's Facility Management services help organizations and facility managers to coordinate and manage their planned maintenance requests with ease. Cost Reporting, Property history and Blueprints for each location can be accessed from anywhere in the world. This is a huge help for agents, given the nature of their business and the amount of time on the road. iEstate also has the ability to integrate with Help-desk and Service Cloud.

Leasing and Rentals management

Leasing and Rental Management allows agents to be the admin of Leasing status, Payment plans, Collections and Agents. It also focuses on customer's challenges thus, ensuring that with iEstate, customer management is taken care of. iEstate Lease management is the perfect platform for every kind of residential, rental and commercial leasing and for its management.s

How it works?

How it works

Why iEstate?

  • For Sales and Leasing
    • Low TCO for SaaS and Cloud based solutions
    • Centralized & Standardized solution with Industry best practices
    • Low risk to ongoing business operations during the project
    • Industry Solutions Implementation methodology for quick and rapid implementations
    • Out of the box Property and Real Estate business flows
    • Flexible and elastic framework to grow
  • Sub-Contractor Management
    • Contractors and developers can use this application for effective subcontractor, customer management for payments and billing
    • Payments, Advances, Retentions, Insurance, Penalty, Bank/Performance Guarantee managed effectively
    • Payment certificate process can be managed effectively
    • Percentage of work completion mapped to payments based on approval
    • Percentage of work completion also mapped to customer billing (Revenue)
    • Project Accruals - Accrual Management handled effectively based on percentage work completion

Competitor Analysis

Features Competitors iEstate
SaaS Enabled
Rent adjustments
Property Sales
Supports Multiple currencies, languages, GAAP and local taxation requirements
Built-in integration
GIS / 3D
Customer Portal
Legend : High Low


By consolidating our sales, marketing, and finance processes on an integrated suite of Oracle Cloud technologies, we have boosted business development, reduced marketing campaign costs by 50%, and can better manage our real estate development projects and finances with a single source of truth.

— Dr. Hani Abu Auida, Vice President, MAG Group

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