Oracle Cloud Infrastructure – Jumpstart your Journey

Enterprises have numerous reasons for moving to the cloud infrastructure. Being on the cloud brings business agility, scalability, significant cost reductions and availability of a ready platform to unleash the benefits of SaaS solutions and latest technology innovations. OCI covers much more ground with Oracle’s IaaS offering plus Oracle Database as a service, which is available if needed. Thus, you can enjoy the best of both Oracle Cloud Infrastructure service and Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service.

Fuel your Cloud dreams with OCI:

  • 1.     Manage solutions & applications
  • 2.     Focus on Core Business
  • 3.     Rapid deployment & Improve performance
  • 4.     Reduce costs, downtime & operational risk
  • 5.     Availability of several architecture configurations
  • 6.     Removal of Test & QA environments

Aspire’s Cloud Expertise:

We are a specialized Cloud Consulting Company offering Cloud Migration Consulting, Cloud Migration Assessment, AWS Migration Assessment, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Migration Assessment and Azure Migration Assessment to align with your cloud strategy. We offer:

Cloud Architecture Consulting

Containerization Consulting

Cloud Optimization Services

Instance Creations

OCI Cloud Configuration

OCI Tenancy Planning

Aspire Cloud Highlights


Complex applications on AWS hosted on EKS /ECS


Cloud migrations


Complex applications on AWS hosted on EKS /ECS


Certified Cloud architects


SaaS applications


Creating Limitless Opportunities

IaaS offering powering up Oracle SaaS solutions

Reduce TCO by 38% compared to On-Premise deployments

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)

Supports Oracle EBS (R12) & Oracle Database

Break free from Vendor Lock in

Run Oracle & Non-Oracle Applications

Provides both Bare Metal Servers & Virtual Machines for HPC

Virtual Cloud Network, Availability Domain & Edge Services

Bring Your Own Hypervisor (BYOH) - Transparent & Secure

Client Stories

Reduced 50% Marketing Costs by deploying an Automated and Unified Oracle Cloud Platform for a Middle East Based Company

Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow Cloud) Implementation Helped Leading Saudi Retail Pharmacy Chain to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

40% Productivity Increase with Oracle Fusion ERP & iEstate

Maximized Business Value with Oracle EBS & Fusion Cloud Implementation & Support