eQuipMe™ Business Approvals solution helps automate the process of responding to approver notifications. It extends the existing backend IT systems to the Oracle Approvals Mobile ERP Application – removing any dependency on static workstations. It helps significantly increase operational efficiency while reducing infrastructure costs.

Simplify and modernize the approval process workflow

Dealing with business approvals can be tedious. Every day, allocated users must approve, reject, or request for more information regarding mission-critical tasks. With eQuipMe™ Business Approvals solution, the approver can easily view specific pending items before taking necessary actions.

Accelerate mobile business approvals with eQuipMe™

Act on pending notifications without Internet connectivity – synchronize data with systems when the connectivity is restored.

Get access to approval history for verification and audit purposes.

Receive timely notifications on the device of choice and act on pending approvals that may impact the business.

Incubate a BYOD culture and improve employer and employee experiences.

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eQuipMe™ Mobile ERP success story

We helped one of the largest Dubai-based holding companies to streamline their business approvals process. Using a cross-platform application framework, their employees could process the approval requests a lot quicker.

Solution Highlights

Self-service HR mobile application

Integrated with Oracle EBS and Oracle MCS

Anytime and anywhere accessibility


Improved cross-team collaboration

Easy for managers to add strategic value

Better resource planning

eQuipMe™ - Business Approvals Mobile ERP App Demo

Our eQuipMe Oracle Mobile ERP Digital Suite helps you achieve workforce smarter, simpler and faster.

Eliminate workstation dependencies.
Approve requests quickly and securely