eQuipMe™ Procurement Management Mobile Application automates the process of creating and viewing purchase requisitions, purchase orders, and receipts. It empowers backend IT systems to connect to a mobile platform – thereby, eliminating workstation dependencies.

Build unified, seamless procurement journeys

There are many stumbling blocks in the procurement journey due to the level of compliance, efficiency, and speed required to handle all vendors. eQuipMe™ Oracle Self Service Procurement Management Mobile Application is scalable and modularized to execute tasks like creating and viewing PRs, POs, and receipts.

Streamline procurement management with eQuipMe™

Easily enter additional information like shipment details in the POs.

Create receipts for approved POs and scan the line items, if required.

Create PRs by entering the required details, along with line items.

Quickly view documents created and all the related details.

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eQuipMe™ success story

We helped a large oil and gas company to manage real-time material transactions for item availability, sub-inventory transfer, and WIP transactions. Our simplified order to cash workflow reduced user effort and maximized the overall productivity.

Solution Highlights

Integrated with Oracle MAF Platform

Offline working and real-time sync on network restoration

Easy-to-use and innovative UI


Minimal effort required for closing orders

Sharp reduction in order processing time

Accessible across device platforms – iOS, Android (phone, tablet, etc.)

eQuipMe™ - Procurement (Procure to Pay) Management Mobile App Demo

Our eQuipMe Oracle Mobile ERP Digital Suite helps you achieve workforce smarter, simpler and faster.

Overcome procurement process automation
challenges with a mobile solution