eQuipMe™ Field Service Management solution is an out-of-the-box mobile field service suite built on multiple platforms. It can be integrated with enterprise field service systems like Oracle and provides productivity features like task management, GPS tracking, and push notifications.

Boost field service management by increasing productivity

Field service technicians regularly deal with workflows since they must view daily tasks list, schedule customer appointments, view product details, etc. eQuipMe™ provides real-time task updates, location details, and accurate field reporting of critical data to field service technicians.

Future-proof Mobile Field Service management with eQuipMe™

Let Field service managers locate tasks/technicians with the Google Map view and dispatch the work – improve customer experiences.

Enable seamless messaging and video conferencing for increased connectivity.

Use the mobile to view assigned tasks and work orders – including task priority, equipment, customer details, etc.

Report and capture the task’s material, labor, and expense details using the debrief feature.

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eQuipMe™ Field Service Management Case Study

We deployed a mobile scheduling solution to power the field service team of a leading US-based material handling company. It gave them “anytime anywhere” access to data and an automated ticket management process.

Solution Highlights

Integration to QuipWare ERP

GPS tracking and route maps

Web apps for dispatchers


No more manual entry of ticket details

Reduced costs through route optimization

Real-time communication - technicians and admins

eQuipMe™ - Field Service Management Mobile App Demo

Our eQuipMe Oracle Mobile ERP Digital Suite helps you achieve workforce smarter, simpler and faster.

Give field service technician
the mobile power to increase customer satisfaction