eQuipMe™ iExpenses management mobile solution enables employees to submit expense claims for approval – anywhere and anytime. It is a ready-to-run mobile application that can be seamlessly integrated with Oracle e-Business Suite, Fusion ERP, and other non-Oracle enterprise systems.

Modernize how expenses claims are managed

Unstructured expense management workflows can lead to high infrastructure costs, low productivity, and long turnaround times. eQuipMe™ enables automated expense management by supporting online scan/upload of receipts - in online and offline mode.

Strengthen expense management with eQuipMe™

Auto-create expense entries through OCR scanning – accurately read invoices and receipts by using a mobile camera.

Use the mobile to create/view/withdraw expense reports and submit them for reimbursement.

Automate the auditing of expense items for capturing duplicates, wrong entries, and non-reimbursable items.

Delegate authority to create expense claims on another employee’s behalf.

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eQuipMe™ Mobile ERP success story

We helped one of the largest video game publishers in the world to allow their employees to submit expense reports through their mobiles. They could also effortlessly save drafts and edit expense reports.

Solution Highlights

Implemented in Oracle EBS using Oracle MAF

Cloud infrastructure integration with Oracle MCS & ICS

Secure authorization and access with Oracle Access manager


Push notifications for reports and approvals

Easy to create corporate expense reports and conduct expense audits

More control over corporate expenses and

eQuipMe™ - Mobile iExpense Management Solution for Oracle EBS Demo

Our eQuipMe Oracle Mobile ERP Digital Suite helps you achieve workforce smarter, simpler and faster.

Avoid delays in delivering expense reports.
Automate and accelerate Expense Claim Management.