Boost your Omni-channel experience with a pre-packaged and reusable integration solution

Aspire Systems Omni-channel integration solution (AURAS Omni) is designed on industry proven reference architecture that help enterprises streamline customer experience across sales channel. It enables corporate and store integration, franchise collaboration, real-time performance monitoring, and demand predictions. In addition to solving legacy integration challenges, our Omni-channel solution framework also enables accommodation of mobile, kiosk, mPOS, IoT, smart-stores and e-commerce specific advancements.


Our Omni-channel solution helps enterprises to achieve

seamless shopping experience

Seamless Shopping Experience

Consistent brand experience across all customer touchpoints through a single platform


Online Personalization

Provide accurate product information & promotions through digital devices

offline personalization

Offline Personalization

Offer proximity-based promotions & recommendations to lure customers to the store/ sales point


Supply Chain

Track order status, shipment, and delivery notification anytime, anywhere

single source of truth

Single Source of Truth

Leverage customer data from disparate sources to define successful sales and marketing strategy

quote leftDeliver a unified customer experience across online and offline channels with Aspire Systems Omni-channel Integration Solution (AURAS Omni)right quotation mark


For businesses to provide an Omni-channel experience, they must build a robust Omni-channel architecture that seamlessly brings all front-end channels and enterprise systems to deliver an Omni-channel experience. One main challenge is that enterprises struggle to create a future-proof real-time Omni-channel architecture that supports strong integration of applications/ channels.


Aspire Systems Omni-Channel Integration Solution is designed to address the content delivery challenges, data integrity, consolidation, multi-system connections, standards, inbuilt analytics engine and reports with a scalable architecture to handle any volume, fault tolerance, assured message delivery via message broker and seamless integration with PoS and other Omni-Channel platforms.

Omni channel integration framework


Aspire’s Omni-channel Solution Features

The Top 6 Omni-channel challenges for businesses and
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