How Boomi iPaaS simplifies your Salesforce Integration

Facilitates Easy Data Migration and Management

To improve the operational efficiency and to lower the total cost, Boomi’s Master Data Management module can model, match, synchronize, cleanse, and enrich data across domains while scaling to accommodate growth in data volume, business applications, and user demand. For a company running multiple instances of Salesforce, Boomi MDM makes it easy to create and deploy data management models in 18 to 24 weeks. Salesforce and Boomi MDM make a perfect combination for proving accurate and consistent sales and customer data. Boomi's master data hub ensures bi-directional data flow between the hub and the Salesforce data source connected to it. It helps enterprises gains 360-degree visibility for the master entity including products, employees, and customers by connecting new and existing data sources.s


Greater Flexibility and Enables Process Automation

In complex environments, the most significant challenges are integrating several SaaS and on-premise application, which includes a combination of legacy in-house hosted applications to cloud-based applications. Also, no matter how often data is imported and exported as files, some applications often remains out-of-sync with real-time changes, which is one of the drawback organizations face today. For the most demanding integration challenges, Boomi offers Integration platform as a Service (iPaaS) solution, a multi-tenant platform that supports cloud-to-cloud, cloud-to-on-premise, on-premise-to-on-premise, and B2B integration. Boomi Flow module automates simple and sophisticated process by removing the manual complexity from the business process thereby, saving a lot of time and improving the productivity. It helps in achieving greater efficiency through automation of the workflows thereby, avoiding manual errors and proper functionality of the process. It enables adoption processes by providing easy-to-use forms that adapt to any device


Offers Quick Data Mapping Techniques

One of the most obvious issues with integrating Salesforce and various other business applications is the mismatch between data fields and types. To overcome it, Boomi provides Boomi Suggest, a capability built within the Boomi platform that provides data mappings for integrations between popular platforms like Salesforce and other applications and services. When connecting Salesforce to another popular application, it recommends mappings based on powerful ranking algorithms to determine a highest level of confidence as to the likely accuracy of a given suggestion, thus reducing the ambiguity in mapping and helps in time consumption.


Rapid Implementation by low-code integration

Integration is a complex process and it is not just about connecting two applications to bring their data together. It involves a lot of assurance that the company chooses the right architecture and is prepared for risks to build the application. Boomi is a kind of platform to build simple to sophisticated integration and enables flexible deployment. Boomi's prebuild connector set connects to most of the Salesforce endpoints and make it simple to integrate virtually with any application quickly - no coding required, thus helping enterprise achieve their needs. This in turn improves the productivity and minimizes cost in building a connector "from the scratch".


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