How Boomi iPaaS simplifies your SAP Integration

Maintaining data quality across large volumes of data

Data management plays a key role in any business organization. To keep data volumes manageable, data is often aggregated before it is loaded on to a reporting or BI tool. For the most demanding integration requirements, Boomi accommodates processing of large volumes of data (hundreds of gigabytes) by providing advanced configuration of molecule technology to enable parallel processing of data across multiple JVMs. Boomi AtomSphere platform can handle a throughput of 1 million records per hour per atom thereby, maximizing the scalability and efficiency of data processing. Boomi automates the business processes by overcoming manual complexities and thus, provides a seamless information flow between SAP and other business systems and application, ensuring quality data.


Access to Open platform and Pre-built Connectors

Businesses are increasingly connecting SAP with cloud-based applications. Maintaining the diversity of software, stabilizing communication between the application and overcoming the technological barrier between the on-premise and cloud are few challenges which an SAP user faces. For meeting these demands, Boomi AtomSphere supports any combination of SaaS, Cloud, and On-Premise applications with integration processes that can be deployed securely behind the firewall or just as securely in the Cloud. It also facilitates enterprises to tap into the industry’s largest open network with unprecedented ease. With Boomi’s pre-built connector for SAP integration, users mitigate the dangers associated with risky manual programming thereby, allowing organizations to automate business processes more quickly. Another advantage of Boomi AtomSphere is its free connector SDK that helps enterprises easily connect their own in-house applications and leverage existing SOA infrastructure using their own private and secure AtomSphere account.


Scalable Architecture with robust System Integration

Organizations implement SAP ERP to meet their specific and unique business needs, which is great except for the fact that other business systems and applications have different configurations. An organization must either rebuild the entire logic in other systems, which is time-consuming and expensive or skip over it all together and risk inconsistencies between the ERP data and other data, which increases complexities to arrive at concrete decisions. To overcome and accommodate the needs, Boomi AtomSphere integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) enables customers to integrate any combination of cloud and on-premise applications without any software to be installed or maintained. Boomi architecture being scalable & secure helps business to adjust the functionalities to their needs and ensure processes are properly isolated from each other. Boomi platform is also architected to ensure high availability (99.99 percent) and performance with no single point of failure.


Connect your SAP and non-SAP applications for improved business results.