Deliver a unified customer experience with Customer 3600 solution

Aspire’s Customer 360 solution helps organizations to have a single view of the customer, understand customer interest and deliver unified customer experience. The Customer 360 solution, built on Boomi platform has data integration, data consolidation, data quality, unified data store & data distribution services that pull customer data from various systems and generates business-critical customer data like customer’s preferences, product performance and, channels on a user-friendly dashboard.

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Aspire’s Customer 360 Solution helps enterprises to achieve

Single Customer View

Single Customer View

A clean and comprehensive customer record with customer preferences, interest, and concerns

Personalized Promotions

Personalize Promotions

Deliver personalized & relevant promotions on time every time

Product Performance

Product Performance

Compare your product’s performance based on geography and promotions

Up sell Cross sell

Up-sell & Cross Sell

Discover up-sell & cross-sell opportunities to meet customer needs

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Aspire’s Customer 360 Features

Create a connected customer experience with
our Customer 3600 solution

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