Ten Value-Adds of Episerver Digital Experience Cloud

  1. Digital marketing, commerce and enterprise search in a single cloud service.
  2. Unlimited websites with separate visual appearance, content.
  3. Elastic scaling without manual intervention.
  4. 365/24/7 monitoring, support and maintenance.
  5. A content delivery network.
  6. Full-stack redundancy, backup, and disaster recovery.
  7. Unique application-level SLA.
  8. Governance with managed deployment.
  9. Digital Experience Hub™ Connectors and open API.
  10. Full customizability using Visual Studio

Here are some common scenarios where you can take advantage of Episerver's Digital Experience Cloud Platform

Can you effectively handle your incoming traffic in all situations?
With Episerver Digital Experience Cloud, you don't have to worry about:
  1. Overcompensating for worst case scenarios.
  2. Risking customer dissatisfaction if architecture estimate goes wrong.
  3. Making large up-front investment for unused capacity.
Is your Digital Experience Fast enough?
With Episerver, you don't have to worry about:
  1. Taking hassles about optimizing your web platform.
  2. Placing servers close to your main market.
  3. Unnecessary contracts with content delivery networks.
Are you able to mitigate risks that are beyond your control?
With Episerver, you don't have to worry about:
  1. Managing heterogeneous systems.
  2. Coordinating with different vendors and suppliers on security practices.
  3. Thwarting denial of service attacks.

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