Find your best automation-ready processes and maximize RPA ROI

Most enterprises want to adopt Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology for automating their tedious business processes to elevate process efficiency & accuracy along with employee productivity and customer experience. But one of the biggest challenges they face during their automation journey is - “which process to automate first?”.

Gartner says nearly 50% of RPA projects fail because the enterprise doesn’t use the right approach while selecting the ideal candidate for automation. With thousands of manual processes across departments, enterprises generally pick one that is based on a human judgment which is never the best one to start. As a result, the best automation opportunities are missed, and they fail to derive a return on investment (ROI) from RPA.

Our Solution

Aspire Automation Finder is an AI/ML-driven solution that helps the enterprise to quickly identify the best automation-ready processes with desired ROI outcomes and jumpstart the RPA journey on the right path.


Powered by our proprietary AI technology, Aspire Automation Finder tool gathers data like keystrokes, mouse actions, field entries, pages visited, applications used & the number of users performing similar actions from employees desktops and then generates series of reports with the best potential for automation.


Data Collection

Collect data like keystrokes, mouse actions, field entries, pages visited, application used from employee’s desktop


Process Discovery Engine

Our engine converts the data into a chronological sequence to identify repetitive patterns of employee actions and behavior



Processes/ Workflows with the best automation potential will be presented on the dashboard with possible ROI


Maximize RPA ROI

Cost efficiency

Low Risks

Shorten time to automation

Drive consistent returns

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