Re-imagine Human workforce in the age of Intelligent Automation

Smart Enterprises are unleashing Robotic Process Automation tools and Artificial Intelligence solutions to not only make their workforce relevant for business processes but also overcome operational and technical vulnerabilities endangering their existence in the midst of growing competition. Equipped with the latest Cognitive Robotic processes, Enterprises are able to reduce human errors bound to happen in manual work processes, automate rules-based processes with the combination of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), big data, speech recognition technologies and deep neural networks.

Additionally, Intelligent Process Automation helps reduce work, create new types of work in the form of RPA programming, enables new workflows, process automation, and makes you capable of handling critical organizational tasks that are time consuming.

Our belief in the ‘’Attention. Always.’’ Philosophy is expressive of a company’s future-readiness.

We, Aspire Systems, have partnered with Automation Anywhere, a robotic process automation vendor to help you accelerate adoption of Robotic Process Automation solutions and Artificial Intelligence.


Our RPA Services Offerings

RPA Consultation

We help you build and identify processes that demand automation. As we streamline your productivity, we chalk out a roadmap for automation rollout. At Aspire, our RPA consultants recommend the right RPA tools and present you with automation PoCs.

RPA Process Mining

Process Mining is an essential step before beginning your automation journey. It helps you determine which processes to automate based on the volume and repetitiveness & how much ROI can be achieved. With Aspire’s process mining framework, enterprises can quickly analyze and identify processes that are suitable for automation and needs improvement.

RPA Proof of Concept

Based on the list of potential process automation candidates, we provide an RPA Proof of Concept (PoC) service on a small scale to show the process transformation with ROI and justify an enterprise-wide automation adoption.

RPA Implementation

We structure and develop software bots with AI, ML, and several cognitive services for automation. Our RPA experts deploy your RPA solution and establish governance, while we also help you build an RPA Center of excellence (CoE) to scale your RPA project.

RPA Support

At Aspire, our support team manages, monitors, and optimizes your RPA project to manage your RPA infrastructure. We also offer RPA enhancements to ensure continuous improvement.

Transform your Enterprise with Robotic Process Automation Technology

Did you know: According to research by PwC, in the near future, Execs see Artificial Intelligence as a means to alleviate repetitive tasks. This includes menial tasks like timesheets (78%), scheduling (79%) and paperwork (82%).

Lethal combination of Human Intelligence and Robotic Automation reaps you:


Reduction of data entry and other manual errors

Audit Trail

Maintenance of essential logs for governance and audit


Configurations that automate manual, repeatable tasks


Applicable to diverse industries and growing number of use-cases


ROI within the same year on RPA project timeline of 9 -12 months

Low Risk Non-Invasive Technology

RPA can implemented over legacy systems and work processes


Your employees can focus on higher value add activities


Software 'robots' that plug into, and access, existing business software


Employee satisfaction increases as need for knowledge is addressed

Right Shoring

Automate management of people and workflows across geos seamlessly

Saving potential

Approximately 25% to 60% cost savings when you roll-out RPA


Dynamic workforce to scale-up or down-scale as per business requirement


Robotic Process Automation Use-cases

Did you know: Researchers at Hadoop have estimated the potential savings of companies with RPA will be between $5 trillion to $7 trillion by 2025.

Banking & Financial Services


Food and Beverage



Information, Media & Entertainment

Retail & CPG


RPA Tools supported


Blue Prism


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