RPA Offerings

RPA Consultation

We help you build and identify processes that demand automation. As we streamline your productivity, we chalk out a roadmap for automation rollout. At Aspire, our RPA consultants recommend the right RPA tools and present you with automation PoCs.

Aspire Automation Finder

Aspire Automation Finder is an essential step before beginning your automation journey. It helps you determine which processes to automate based on the volume and repetitiveness & how much ROI can be achieved. With Aspire Automation Finder, enterprises can quickly analyze and identify processes that are suitable for automation and needs improvement.

RPA Proof of Concept

Based on the list of potential process automation candidates, we provide an RPA Proof of Concept (PoC) service on a small scale to show the process transformation with ROI and justify an enterprise-wide automation adoption.

RPA Implementation

We structure and develop software bots with AI, ML, and several cognitive services for automation. Our RPA experts deploy your RPA solution and establish governance; while we also help you build an RPA Center of excellence (CoE) to scale your RPA project.

RPA Support

At Aspire, our support team manages, monitors, and optimizes your RPA project to manage your RPA infrastructure. We also offer RPA enhancements to ensure continuous improvement.

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