Software Engineering

A Process Framework for Endless Software Excellence

Agile Producteering is a proven development methodology for high quality and high velocity software delivery. This methodology primarily focuses on the four key variables in software engineering : Scope, Time, Budget and Quality.

In our experience of working with numerous software development customers, we realized that many of the standard development methodologies require a lot of customization to obtain the desired design outcome.

Agile Producteering is a result-oriented process that comprehensively addresses the most effective and economical way of handling real-time challenges faced in Agile software engineering. It involves:

  • Recognizing the variables: Time, Scope, Budget and Quality
  • Getting Market Feedback
  • Agile-EVA – Early visualization approach to scope and manage requirements
  • Sprint Zero – Early Architecting Approach
  • Time-box Releases
  • Leap Forward Sprint planning
  • Collaboration with business users
  • Collaborative Development with required documentation
  • Delivery of working software on a frequent basis
  • SEChek – Quality focused development