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AFTA 3.0 - A newer version with power-packed updates


AFTA or Aspire’s Framework for Test Automation is a carefully crafted home-grown Selenium based test and QA automation framework. Powered by AI and ML components, AFTA 3.0 aids organizations perform test automation right from the start of the development cycle, adding more power to Agile and DevOps driven environments. Combining the aspects of problem-solving, reasoning and machine learning based on repetitive patterns, AFTA 3.0 can help you find and repair your defects in record time.

Aspire Framework for Test Automation (AFTA) is built to offer intrusive testing in the shortest possible time. This selenium testing framework allows project teams to manage multiple automation components under a single framework to conduct effective functional testing and leverage functional automation tools for Non Functional testing as well. AFTA’s primary focus is to provide a solid QA automation framework that is versatile, scalable and reliable to cater to the needs of the industry.

Key Features of Selenium Automation Framework, AFTA 3.0

Seamless extension across varied user experience platforms and manages functional as well as cross-browser testing

Security testing with inherent penetration checks through active and spider scans that prevents vulnerability attacks and ensures data protection.

Performance testing involving testing response time, throughput thereby assessing basic Non-Functional parameters of the UXP by reusing the automation scripts

Supports cross browser, cross-platform and mobile testing requirements without additional scripting efforts

The Role of AI/ML in AFTA 3.0

Self healing

Self-healing Scripts to Identify Changes

Be it small or large release cycles, StabilizerJS can automatically heal test scripts to smooth execution

Auto analysis

Auto Analysis of the Automation Results

Summarize test results into actionable and practical insights without increasing efforts

Reduced script maintenance

Reduced Script Maintenance

Enhance script maintenance with best practices adapted from different testing tools

Auto update

Auto Update of Defects in Tracking Tool

Large repository to track errors across sprints and minimize errors with newer test cycles

Live streaming

Live Streaming of the Test Results

Receive real-time information of test results with intelligent analytics

Complex report

Complex Report Analysis

Report smarter facts of your test execution results


Why you need
an AI-Led Selenium Test Automation Framework like AFTA 3.0?

Why AI-Led like AFTA 3.0
  • Supports end-to-end testing
  • Provides real-time analytics
  • Facilitates Continuous Integration
  • Easily integrates with web, mobile, and cross-browser testing
  • Plug and play framework
  • Integrates to SOAP UI, Jmeter,OWASP ZAP

Redefine Your Test Automation Journey
with a Smart QA & Test Automation Framework

The AFTA 3.0 Advantage

Minimize defect leakage to less than


Shorten Testing Feedback Cycle by


Trim scripting time by



Reduction in Test Efforts


Reduction in Testing Costs



Amplify your Test
Automation Journey
with AFTA 3.0

Amplify your Test
Automation Journey
with AFTA 3.0