Automating Order to Cash with RPA

Order to Cash process involves receiving and processing customer sales order for goods and services and their payment. These processes play a very crucial role in businesses and unless they are efficiently and accurately handled, organizations would not only face financial problems, but also reputational issues.


  • Input errors due to high volumes of paper orders
  • Wasted employee time
  • Delay in processing sales order
  • Customer dissatisfaction due to late deliveries
  • Payment denial due to customer dissatisfaction
  • Lower net profit margin
Order to Cash Challenges

Order Processing Workflow

Order Processing Workflow

RPA Solution

Order to Cash RPA Solution

RPA can assist account receivables and order fulfilment staff in handling manual tasks, thereby eliminating human errors and freeing them up to concentrate on crucial operational tasks. Many pitfalls such as inconsistent data and documents, process inefficiencies, payment overdue, duplicates, and reactive fixes of discounts get eliminated using automated assistants. RPA helps in deploying user interfaces that replace dozens of screens, ensuring OTC accuracy and enforcing standards throughout the process. Also, AI enabled chatbots communicate with customers to get their queries resolved on minor and daily issues like the status of orders, reasons for delivery delays, etc. in real time.

RPA Tools supported


Blue Prism



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