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Integrated Phygital Retail Experience

PRIOS is a fully integrated Phygital retail experience solution to help retailers create a seamless and unified brand experience across the physical & digital space. It has the capacity to provide a highly targeted and personalized shopping experience that is unified across various channels and interactions.

PRIOS will create a new customer engagement paradigm, breathing new life into retail in four core areas:

  • In-store mobile experience by blending online and physical worlds for Cross-Channel Efficiencies and enhanced Customer Experience
  • Personalization- Right recommendations and promotions at the Right Time at the Right Place
  • Empowered Store Associates with real-time Insights to drive Sales & superior customer engagement
  • Enhanced Self-service- Mobile payments, self-checkout and guided In-store Navigation


PRIOS can be leveraged by retailers of various sizes, from mid-sized to large scale enterprises looking to amplify the customer experience. It is a cost-effective, scalable solution that can be up and running in a short span of time, making quick deployment a key benefit.




Scalable checkout solutions clubbed with mobile payments to reduce infrastructure costs

Omni Channel

Blend online and physical worlds for Cross-Channel efficiencies and enhanced Customer Experience

Customer Behaviour Analytics

Rich data gives you the liberty to make Right recommendations and promotions at the Right Time at the Right Place

Smart Offers & Product Search

Personalize dynamic offerings and product recommendations for each and every customer as per their needs

In-store navigation

Build heat maps of customer traffic. Guide your customer’s in-store to easily locate their products.

Empowered Store Associate

Spoil your customers with a personal companion,who is fed real-time Insights to drive Sales & ensures uber customer engagement

Cloud POS

Connect and work with any system hosted on the cloud. Scalable technology in your hands to bust long queues at the till

BI & Data Visualization

Visualizations make constructive data comprehensible and actionable insights lead to timely business decisions

Phygital Retail

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