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Holiday season is the most exciting part of the year for consumers. Be it Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or the traditional Christmas shopping your customers will be out there expecting you to hold major sales and new arrivals. The least they want is not to encounter during their shopping spree are

Performance Testing framework

Website/mobile application lags & crashes

Performance Testing framework

Checkout & Payment gateway issues

Performance Testing framework

Inventory mismatch

Performance Testing framework

Shipping method failures

Despite the opportunity of high sales, time and again, even the greatest of retail giants around the globe have encountered glitches in their application that have had a huge effect on their reputation and revenue. A robust and cutting edge performance testing methodology will enable you to overcome the above challenges faced in conducting an efficient Performance Testing for your retail application.

Case study

Aspire's End-to-End Testing Strategy Reduces 96% Testing Efforts for a Top American Retailer

A leading American department store chain that operates in more than 16 Southern states decided to move to Salesforce Commerce Cloud for a unified customer experience. This was possible with exhaustive testing that accommodated compatibility with multiple browsers and it helped them achieve:

  • Reduced efforts by 96%
  • 0% defect leakage 
  • 750 Test cases deployed
  • 1000+ defects reported
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Performance Testing services

APTf 2.0 Aspire’s Performance Testing framework

APTf or Aspire’s Performance Testing framework is a one-stop-shop for end-to-end performance testing for application using a single framework. The latest upgrade APTf 2.0 like its predecessor covers all aspects of performance including, speed, scalability, responsiveness and endurance. Real-browser testing and simulation of real-world scenarios are also added to its growing list of features.

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Start E-commerce / Retail Application Performance Testing in 4- 6 hours with Aspire's Performance Testing Framework, APTf 2.0 and achieve:

  • 40% Cost Saving
  • 50% reduction in testing efforts
  • Real-time inventory checks/ Shipping method failures
  • 3% defect Leakage
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