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Financial Management

Chief Financial Officers look for an intelligent system dealing with actionable business drivers in interactive data visualization for transactional/operational reporting to offer rich insights in cost control and agility. And developing such a system is complex given the dynamic constraints in maintaining a General Ledger or real-time financial analysis.


  • Manual entry of invoices leading to lack of process data and insights
  • 55.8% time spent in transaction processing
  • 66% CFOs lack visibility into key business insight areas
  • Cutting down operational costs to increase profitability
  • 75% CFOs are not well-positioned to meet the demands of tomorrow’s digital business

We, at Aspire, understand that smart businesses cannot afford subpar processes in financial management.  And that’s why we provide our clients two robust Oracle Financial Solutions: Oracle EBS Financials and Oracle Fusion Financials (Oracle Financials Cloud)


  • Managing intra and inter-company transactions through recorded journal transactions maintained in a General Ledger
  • Real-time visibility into transactions & processes for prioritization of day-to-day activities with integrated document scanning of invoices
  • Customers can gain visibility into critical asset locations, utilization and operational health in real-time
  • Increase real-time insight into transactional data with stunning visualizations and custom ad hoc reports

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