Managed Testing Services

Guarantee Flawess User-experience with Aspire's Retail Managed Testing Services

Aspire has the experience of serving several Retailers for more than 20 years and thereby has an in-depth understanding of their IT needs. Aspire helps Retailers to:

  • Handle dynamic changes to deal with competition
  • Minimize losses owing to incorrect orders, pricing, merchandise, etc.
  • Provide buyers uninterrupted shopping experience
  • Provide consistent experience to buyers and improve brand loyalty

Business Benefits

Up to 35%

Cost Savings within the first year

Up to 50%

Reduced Test Efforts


Improved Time to Market

How Aspire’s Retail Managed Testing Services Help You?

Aspire has in-depth knowledge across the entire retail landscape of Buy (Merchandising and Sales Audit), Sell (POS, E-Com, Mobile), Move (Warehouse Management), and Plan (Financial Planning, Demand Forecasting, and Inventory). Retailers must make sure to have a solid strategy to test their innovations adequately in a short span of time to assure there is no scope for errors. To enable Retailers achieve this at a reduced cost, we help them with,

Managed E-commerce Testing   |   Managed POS Testing   |   Managed Store Operations Testing

Testing Center of Excellence


Why Aspire?

Digital Commerce quality automation framework, DCqaf

  • Accelerates digital commerce by automating testing of E-Commerce, M-Commerce, POS, and API-enabled applications.
  • Provides 60% automation coverage for E-commerce and POS
  • Has successfully driven test automation for many Fortune 500 retailers.

QA Innovation:
Robotic Arm

  • An innovative automation solution for POS testing
  • Uses a robotic arm for testing critical E2E scenarios like EMV in lesser time.
  • Augments automation coverage up to 90% for POS systems

Quality at Speed –

  • Holistic agile testing approach to re-engineer testing process
  • Shift-Left approach with focus on all layers of product/application
  • Test automation in CI/CD mode
  • 360˚ view coverage of the application being tested

Global Presence and Execution capability

  • Nearshore Presence (Dallas, Chicago & Mexico, Poland)
  • Offshore Presence (India) to support global requirements.
  • Experience working with 200+ customers   

Case Study

Aspire’s End-to-End Testing Strategy Reduces 96% Testing Efforts for a Top American Retailer

With a powerful test automation solution, Aspire empowered the customer with greater automation capabilities for the continuous delivery of applications at a faster speed to market. Aspire’s managed testing services helped the Retailer achieve around 70% cost savings in 5 months.


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