Performance load testing

Where do you lag in your software Performance and Load Testing?

Load and Performance Testing plays a key role in every software’s development life cycle. Tracking real-time metrics of software performance can be a hassle as you might require inputs from multiple testing tools.

In the due process, you might miss critical numbers that are important to make decisions for your application. These metrics may be scattered and not available in a single location to provide a complete picture before a decision is taken.

How Aspire’s APTf 2.0 can help

Aspire’s Performance Testing Framework (APTf 2.0) is a one-stop shop for end-to-end automated software load and performance testing using a single framework that covers all aspects of application performance including speed, scalability, responsiveness and endurance.

Advantages of APTf 2.0:

Helps you aggregate and visualize performance testing metrics in real-time at one place

Grafana powered dashboards enable easy understanding of app performance and opportunities

Scale up/down the load based on your testing requirements

Benefits of Aspire’s Application Performance and Load Testing Services

Start testing in
4-6 hours

cost savings

reduction in Performance testing environment setting-up efforts

Features of APTf 2.0
Performance load testing

Real-browser testing

Performance load testing

Simulation of real-world scenarios

Performance load testing

Live metrics and interactive report

Performance load testing

Integrated App monitoring

Success Story
Performance load testing

A top US-based Oil and Energy player achieved speed, scalability and stability in their enterprise application through APTf 2.0

Our client was facing issues with their application failure with the surge in loads and the large volume of transactions. Including new functionalities further deteriorated the performance of the application.

The benefits were as follows:

  • Application served more clients with desired performance requirements
  • Better application quality and customer satisfaction on speed, stability and scalability
  • Brought out performance issues on new builds
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Performance load testing

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