Cloud Banking Services

Future proofing banks to meet evolving customer needs.

ACME- Aspire Cloud Migration Enabler for Banks

In partnership with AWS, Microsoft Azure and GCP, Aspire Systems has used its vast technical knowledge to build a strong cloud banking strategy. With years of experience in being an enabler for cloud computing in the banking industry,our industry-baseddata center migration to cloud solution helps banks start their cloud journey seamlessly.

Seamless Cloud Transformation for Banks

Aspire’s expertise and experience in cloud banking has transformed 40+ systems to the cloud. Adopt cloud Banking and be cost effective, reduce downtime and improve economy of scale. We help leverage the benefits of cloud for your banking needs.

Cloud Banking Consulting

We help you pick the perfect cloud partner, banking core, and implementation technique that aligns with your enterprises’ digital strategy and has a smooth transformation. With 90+ certified cloud architects, aspire assures every client the best cloud banking solution customized specifically based on various assessments.

Cloud Engineering Service

Aspire systems’ cloud engineering services enable banking to be implemented, re-platformed, re-host, and re-engineered end-to-end and hassle free. Our team of cloud banking experts help you lead the change right from the core to end-user experience.

Cloud Migration Service

Move to the cloud safely and seamlessly with zero downtime and scale to the sky without hiccups.

Cloud Integration Service

Our expert panel enables seamless integration with legacy core or external systems easily, securely and seamlessly without downtimes.

Cloud Optimization Service

Aspire systems with our six-step optimization approach, help banks optimize their repetitive and mundane tasks leading to enhanced customer experience and reduced expenses.

Cloud Core Banking Implementation

Experience the flexibility and agility to scale and grow by implementing composable SaaS banking in the cloud. Aspire System’s premium partnerships with cloud-based core banking providers and renowned cloud service providers enable fast and hassle-free implementation.

Modernize the core to stay on the leading edge of technology and compete head-on-head with challenger and neo-banks' modern offerings with Aspire systems’ cloud core banking implementation.

Three stages of Cloud Banking services


Leading cloud transformation with NBK


Scored Azure Security Center Standards

40% ↑

Cost savings through automation


Compose new environments
within 30 minutes

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Complex applications on AWS hosted on EKS /ECS


Cloud migrations


DevOps projects on AWS and Azure


Certified Cloud architects


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