About The Customer

Our customer is India's largest floral and gifts retailer and the world’s largest low investment franchise chain in the floral business. Launched over two decades ago, the retailer has expanded their presence with over 320 outlets across 120 cities. Equipped with 1500+ skilled artists across the globe, they are the proud owners of the rarest of rare flowers anywhere in the world. Our customer also delivers flowers and gifts faster than a courier service with floral and gift basket franchise.

The Need

Our customer is the leading provider of customized gifting solutions. In order to create custom gifts, the end-users upload photographs in inconsistent sizes and shape that need to be modified before being used for making the gifts. A team of analysts will have to process these images from the OMS system to resize the image, change the pixels based on the need, and crop accordingly. Due to the increase in volume of images coming from the end-users, the analysts had to spend most of the day resizing them.

The retailer witnessed a huge spike in the customized gifts unit in the recent days and especially during festive seasons. As the demand for customized gifts surged during the festive season, our customer was looking for an automation solution to expedite the order management process and improve business outcomes.


  • Image processing was time consuming

  • Different formats of images added more complexity to process

  • Analysts were spending a huge chunk of their time on resizing the images.


  • Robotic Process Automation(Automation anywhere)


  • Image processing was automated.

  • Order management did not require any manual intervention.

  • Analysts spent more time on value-added activities.

  • Solid ROI with cost savings of about $150K

Manual State


Aspire’s Solution

Aspire Systems worked closely with their client in understanding their pain points. After extensive discussions with the analysts regarding their Order Management System, Aspire proposed cognitive automation as a solution to their problem. Aspire Systems implemented an end-to-end process automation solution using Automation Anywhere platform that removed the manual intervention required for processing the images. This also improved the overall efficiency of the process and the time to process the orders were also reduced drastically.


  • Our customer witnessed annual cost savings of about $150K after implementing cognitive automation.

  • Orders from the end-users were expedited and delivered much earlier than anticipated.

Automated State