About the Customer

Our customer is one of the leading independent software solutions providers for P&C insurance companies with presence in over 30 countries across the globe. Based out of California, United States, they offer an industry platform with customized insurance solutions to help P&C insurers simplify policy procedures and improve their overall user experience.

The Need

The customer, in order to effectively adapt to industry changes, had deployed a cloud-ops solution with a dedicated set of internal resources. The team was in charge of manual provisioning of cloud-based resources to the developers and testers anytime, resulting in increased demand and dependency on the team. They faced the following business and technical challenges with their existing setup and cloud management:

As only a single team was allocated to manage and run the cloud-ops, it turned out to be time and resource-consuming. This had a direct, negative impact on business deadlines for major and minor release cycles. With manual procedures carried out for majority of the provisioning jobs, the company incurred greater running costs for AWS cloud instances.

Co-ordination between different teams for every cloud provisioning request became a cumbersome activity.

The customer was in need of an innovative, smart solution that can offload provisioning responsibilities from cloud-ops team to manage their resources better with improved internal co-ordination.

Challenges of USA Software Solutions for Insurance Company:

  • Labor-intensive and time-consuming setup
  • Increased maintenance costs for AWS
  • Visibility between teams to process cloud positioning requests
  • Error-prone manual intervention
  • Cumbersome cloud management

Solutions for Software Solutions Provider Using Guidewire:

  • Dynamic Environment Provisioning (DEP)


  • Automated the entire cloud provisioning routine
  • Improved project coordination
  • Zero manual intervention
  • 80% decrease in deployment time
  • New features including auto-shutdown timers
  • 65% cost-savings in cloud usage

Aspire's Solution

Aspire Systems’ DevOps team designed Dynamic Environment Provisioning (DEP), a self-servicing portal that could automate deployment, configuration, and management applications on AWS environments. Some of the key highlights of the portal were:

The DEP portal allows individual project members to design and deploy the setup to work within AWS in a matter of few clicks.

With the portal, Aspire’s team had automated the complex multi-applications deployment function, thereby facilitating smoother transition whenever users wanted to launch their setup.

To effectively manage resources, DEP allowed the users to define the time period after which the instances will be shutdown automatically. It also provided an overview of instances deployed and its usage to the decision-makers so they could have a greater control of the resources.

By enabling a master corporate login, the portal had ensured that the users need not login to the actual AWS console every single time.

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