The Harsh Data Reality at Banks

In this digital infused world, banks indirectly compete with retail giants to stay relevant among customers. The absence of observing behaviors across all banking services through all devices in a connected manner is why banks fail to learn about the extra they can offer their customers. Now, with the power of AI in banking, you can avoid unsteady customer segmentation from poor data quality or less volume of data extracted from customers.

Artificial Intelligence in Banking - The Key to Success

An AI/ML data-driven framework that caters to all segments inside a bank where data plays the role of a hero. Right from extracting data from all customer touchpoints to realizing the value of data to have fruitful engagements, is a loosely coupled framework exclusively designed to suit every bank. By employing Artificial Intelligence in banking on the framework, it enables banks to take a strategic and consistent customer-first approach.

Data Discovery

Data Discovery service involves a planning phase, followed by a deep dive into banking systems, data journeys, technology stack to assess the feasibility and ROI of an implementation. Aspire’s Data Scientists come with rich expertise and can assist banks to do a 4 to 6 week intensive study, present report on current evaluations and a tactical and strategic AI roadmap.

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Data Optimizer

Big Data is defined by the volume of data, the variety of data, and the velocity of processing the data, presents huge potential of opportunities for financial institutions. Discover the treasure trove of opportunities from your data by harnessing the big data challenge. The Data Optimizer service is responsible for extracting, cleansing and standardizing data to store a centralized version of each customer’s record across all banking services. Data is collected from all customer touch points, transaction details, account history to create unique customer profiles. Implementation of Data Optimizer is a one-time investment for banks where it helps build a superior customer intelligence platform that supports iterative learning of customer behaviors.

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Customer 360 helps banks enrich customer data to create one true version of customers. Customer 360 is the nerve center that monitors, manages, stores data into a customer hub and delivers data to relevant stakeholders at the bank. The Customer hub serves as a one stop shop for all customer data. Customer Hub increases data integrity across all banking systems there by accurately identifying a customer while providing a robust Customer 360 view to all customer facing bank personnel.

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Customer Intelligence

This service is AI enabled and helps banks to build next best action platform, which provides timely, relevant and superior customer centric recommendations. With the one truth version of customer data, the Customer Intelligence service can serve customers by pre-empting their wants and needs. helps Banks leverage insights by making key decisions on product offerings, business models, cross sell and upsell campaigns while enabling customers to utilize their services better.

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Welcome New Customers like You’ve known them before

When a customer is being on-boarded, banks after implementing will have several customer segments in place. Customer segments can be created for banks having criteria as age, products and their interests. Based on the new customer’s information and profile details, the customer will be automatically pushed to a segment where many customers similar to them will exist; this makes it easier for banks to serve an unlimited pool of customers on a one-on-one basis based on their needs.

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