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Drive quality through an AI powered test automation and reduce QA timelines while assuring banking quality

Aspire’s Hyper-testing solution for banks power packs test automation with AI. With the combination of test automation and machine learning, you can now identify and rectify issues based on predictive patterns. Obtain real time analytics; learn from each defect that directly or indirectly impacts the quality faced by the customer.

Some of the other benefits your bank gets from our AI powered test automation solution:

  • Live stream your test results
  • Build analytics for each of your previous test runs
  • Auto Update of defects in defect tracking tool
  • Analysis of severity of bugs
  • Self-healing scripts to identify changes in your banking application
  • Use predictive analytics and iterative learning to identify defects that impact quality
  • Learn from past patterns to gain unique real time insights on current projects

The Aspire Benefit

Time to Market

Scalability and Flexibility

Real time analytics and metrics

Slash COQ by 30%

Predict defects using AI

Early detection of defects

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