Banking and Financial Services

Digital Customer Onboarding and Origination

Orchestrate the Customer Journey with More Speed and Less Friction

With consulting and implementation services, Aspire enables banks with a lightning quick customer onboarding and origination solution to increase Customer Acquistion.. By minimizing the manual effort, we increase your operational efficiency and let you focus on delivering heightened customer experiences all the time.

Aspire’s unique ‘bot made bank’ solution allows banks to complete customer onboarding in less than 5 minutes. Aspire’s solution includes consultation as well as implementation of RPA services for document verification, data extraction and much more, with similar speeds to the digital platform.

Super-Fast Omni-channel Onboarding

Process new applicants with speed from anytime, anywhere

Function Rich Onboarding

Automated e-KYC, Biometric authentication, e-Sign, ID Scanning

Manage and Monitor sign up

Get detailed analysis of the onboarding rate

Customer’s credit worthiness

Within minutes, than hours

‘Easy-to-use’ drag and drop functionalities

More control to customize digital onboarding experiences

Enabling easy Customer Onboarding for a Leading Canadian Bank 

Aspire Systems assists one of Canada’s largest banks to implement IQ Bot for faster and hassle-free customer onboarding that minimizes 60-minutes sessions to less than 5-minute interactions. 

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