Customer browsing patterns, buying preferences, lifestyle data, and purchasing cycles are just some of the data insights that flow through your enterprise. But they tend to be disorganized, siloed, and raw. Aspire’s Unified Commerce suite offers deep-dive insights that cut across the noise and ensure that your retail business is in sync with what your customers want.

Actionable insights – anytime and anyplace

“I want to start leveraging data insights”

Without knowing what customers want, engaging them can be a wild goose chase. We help you get started by mapping your data analytics initiatives with measurable business outcomes.

  • Build standard KPIs with powerful visualizations
  • Create a data governance framework for future preparedness
  • Ensure data augmentation to deliver better cross channel experiences

“I want deep-dive insights on products and customers”

Turning your data that flows in your enterprise into actionable insights starts with relooking at your data frameworks. We help accelerate your decision-making capabilities by keeping information that matters at your fingertips.

  • Data strategy to increase social selling and create more personalized offers
  • Enterprise analytics framework for deeper product insights
  • Enterprise reporting dashboard for a 360-degree view of customers and operations

“I want the data to tell an omnichannel story”

Omnichannel selling is no longer a luxury, as customer continues to grow. We help you set advanced KPIs and map out the digital DNA of your retail business to create truly seamless experiences.

  • Use real-time ROI calculation to improve campaign performance
  • Assess product affinity and enhance go-to-market cycles
  • Increase Net Promoter Score by channel-specific selling

Delivering Frictionless Shopping Experience with Unified Commerce

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