Every retailer has access to massive volumes of data from different sources like customers, warehouses, finances, products, sales, and more! But what good is it if they are unable to synthesize and harness the data through connected hubs and get a 360-degree view. With Aspire’s Unified Commerce, you can create a single truth source to build your sales, marketing, product, and customer-facing strategies.

Make retail experiences smarter with data

“I need to build KPIs to streamline business processes and customer experiences”

Integrating, unifying, and streamlining your retail data pool is a prerequisite not just for business cost/resource/process optimization, but delivering great experiences too. We equip you to become data-centric while helping create successful retail journeys.

  • Get the right tools to gather, store, and manage data in one repository, in a subscription model
  • Improve overall data quality to make more informed decisions
  • Build standard KPIs and ensure cross-functional collaboration

“I need an enterprise-wide data strategy with continuous improvement”

Every retailer faces different data barriers because they have different business goals to prioritize. But with deep-dive insights on what matters the most, enterprises and customers can extract more business value. We help you make your data architecture agnostic to vendor selection, as well as the technology behind your product, solution, or support functions.

  • Declutter and unify all the data flowing through your enterprise
  • Get an enterprise-class analytics framework for a 360-degree view of customers, products, inventory, etc.
  • Use enterprise reporting dashboard to stay on top of business goals

“I want to accelerate, measure, and enhance business growth with advanced KPIs”

Advancing retail data journeys starts with measuring stages like social listening, buying behavior and service frequency. Retailers also need to automate how they manage their product, inventory, and resource data. We help you create advanced KPIs that measure and improve data-led experiences.

  • Enrich data automation tools to increase enterprise agility
  • Drive product affinity, promotion, pricing, and inventory rotation efficiency
  • Smoothen feedback mechanism and improve Net Promotor Score

Ready to unlock data science to drive accelerated digital transformation?

Let data lead you next retail paradigm shift

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