Software Engineering

Aspire Framework for Test Automation

Aspire Framework for Test Automation (AFTA) is built to offer intrusive testing in the shortest possible time. This framework allows project teams to manage multiple automation components under a single framework to conduct effective functional testing and leverage functional automation tools for Non-Functional testing as well.

  • AFTA’s Selenium Grid based execution minimizes the environment needs and the execution turnaround time.
  • AFTA offers a cross-browser, cross-platform mobile testing solution without having to add additional lines of code.
  • AFTA is based on the Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) model.
  • AFTA’s versatility allows functional automation test scripts to be converted to performance and security testing programs without additional efforts.
  • The framework eases integration into any cloud-based browser and device infrastructure service provider.
  • AFTA is a complete open source package that is user-friendly and portable.