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ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM)

IT Service Management is at the heart of every business where technology plays a major role. With critical business functions depending on IT Services to carry out their day to day operations, having a powerful ITSM becomes vital. ServiceNow offers one such best-in-class ITSM solution to help you transform your IT Services, align it with your business needs, and improve efficiency and user satisfaction.

Planning to implement ServiceNow ITSM

Aspire implements ServiceNow IT Service Management for its customers. We help our customers achieve 3 key objectives through ServiceNow: gain control over IT through ITIL best practices, transform and automate IT services and support, better align IT with business to help make informed business decisions. Our core ITSM services include: Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Asset Management and Performance Analytics.

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Incident Management

ServiceNow simplifies and streamlines incident management by optimizing all 3 stages of incident lifecycle: Incident capture, Incident Processing and Incident Reporting. Aspire has implemented key features such as: Omni channel support, Agent Intelligence, Bidirectional Communication, Major Incident Management, Reporting, etc. to automate tasks, boost productivity, and improve transparency and user satisfaction.

Problem Management

ServiceNow reduces business impacts that are caused due to service disruptions. It enables IT to prevent service outages, improve resolution time, and identify root causes for them. Aspire has implemented robust Problem Management and helped its customers reduce manual workload and boost services uptime.

Change Management

Aspire has implemented ServiceNow Change Management with ITIL best practices based on the client’s landscape of IT infrastructure. In the consulting and assessment phase, we recommend our customers to implement IPC as the 1st stage in achieving ServiceNow Maturity through our Implementation Maturity Model.

Asset Management

One of the critical modules in ITSM is Asset Management. Aspire helps its customers implement ServiceNow asset management to reduce shadow IT, optimize asset investments, improve asset tracking, and eliminate manual tasks.

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