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ServiceNow IT Business Management (ITBM)

IT leaders are constantly challenged with managing the demand, priority and funding of their teams. ServiceNow IT Business Management helps them deal with such challenges and enables organizations to manage and develop their core business services through pre-established workflows and tools. IT Business Management helps businesses achieve their goals by improving the three core aspects of any end-to-end delivery pipeline – Visibility, Alignment, and Velocity. The ServiceNow ITBM suite comes with a set of powerful applications such as Project Portfolio Management, Application Portfolio Management, Agile Development, Finance Management and so forth.

Why Aspire for ServiceNow ITBM?

ServiceNow ITBM

Aspire Systems is a Bronze Certified Services Partner for ServiceNow. Our certified ServiceNow consultants help organizations streamline their business operations through ServiceNow ITBM. Our expert practitioners combine the intelligent workflows and powerful dashboards from the ServiceNow ITBM suite with our knowledge on industry best practices to offer best-in-class ITBM solutions. Our core ITBM solution offerings include:

  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Application Portfolio Management
  • Agile Development
  • Demand Management
  • Resource Management
  • Test Management
  • Financial Planning

Good guidance by Aspire Project Manager (Clara Abraham) and development resource assigned by Aspire (Srijanani Mohan) had good technical skills as well as business acumen.

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Project Portfolio Management

ServiceNow Project Portfolio Management streamlines IT project management in terms of finances, resources and timelines to ensure the alignment of the scope of the project with the organizational objectives. By using ServiceNow PPM, Aspire has implemented Project, Resource, Demand, Finance and Time management modules to successfully minimize costs and maximize operational efficiency.

Application Portfolio Management

Application Portfolio Management allows for aligning the applications with your business processes to rationalize applications and minimize costs. Our proven expertise in ServiceNow Application Portfolio Management will maximize your ROI by helping you invest in the right applications based on your specific needs. Our consultants will eliminate resource usage costs on redundant applications and instead utilize them on applications that bring real value to the business.

Agile Development

ServiceNow Agile Development helps you in managing your Agile software development efforts efficiently. As one of our core ITBM offerings, our ServiceNow Agile Project Management services benefit you by accelerating your software delivery through accurate planning, streamlining resource usage by measuring work levels, and managing multiple tasks and stories in the backlog effortlessly. Our Software Engineering solutions will help you deliver innovative software products that adhere to market-specific customizations.

Demand Management

Effective IT Demand Management is the key to taking informed investment decisions regarding new product/service requests and enhancing the existing ones. Our ITIL ServiceNow Demand Management experts will help you in centralizing your business and IT requests to help you in forecasting the demands for products and services accurately.

Resource Management

Project resource management directly impacts the productivity of any organizational workflow. Hardships arise in effectively managing the resources as many organizations use legacy resource management products. Leveraging ServiceNow Resource Management application, our ServiceNow executives will guide you in identifying and improving resource under/over utilization, resource distribution and also in staffing budget forecasts.

Financial Planning

IT Financial Management is challenging, as a vast majority of organizations still use spreadsheets to capture budget data to support business initiatives financially. Our ServiceNow IT Financial Management domain consultants and architects can streamline your financial planning process. We can enable you to deal with different budget models for multiple use cases. We can also analyze your budget to improve its credibility and ensure budget adherence.

Test Management

Our ServiceNow core offerings also include ServiceNow Test Management. Aspire’s experienced Testers will work along with your Business Analysts and Developers to understand your requirements and build quality tests resulting in minimized errors. Our Independent Testing Services unit offers end-to-end Quality Assurance processes and maintains <3% average defect leakage ratio.

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