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Claims management solutions that win

Single point of communication for personalized interactions

Claims journeys are usually personal. Customers reach out for claims to recover from a stressful situation or cope with loss. Fast, accurate, and effective claims processing is key to retaining customers. Delays and disparate touchpoints can create a lot of customer frustration and that’s why you need hassle-free claims solutions.

What you need:

  • Highly-digitized claims solutions – from FNOL (first notification of loss) to settlement
  • Simplicity for the claimant to initiate the claim process
  • Insurance claims solutions with hyper automation to increase straight-through processing

All the insights to make the right decision – every time

It’s only during the claims process that a customer truly realizes the value of their coverage and service value of an insurer. For insurers, it’s a direct hit-or-miss in satisfying customers. To score on this front, you’ll need claims transformation services with granular insights to:

  • Increase turnaround time and bring down wastage 
  • Create data-driven pricing models based on context and priority
  • Greater data governance for stringent compliance

We offer - Fully digital claims

RPA-based FNOL processing, claims web portal/mobile app, with integration to address look up, VIN, etc.

Automated claims segmentation and adjustor assignment, no matter the claim’s size, nature, and complexity.

Telematics integration to enabler faster claims processing while vastly minimizing frauds.

AI/ ML-led claims data and smart decisioning while auto-flagging high-risk claims for investigation.

Claims auto-adjudication to ensure claim submission accuracy and completeness, without delays.

Claims process automation, powered by RPA to be scalable, to streamline disparate processes.

Claims intelligent settlement that gets smarter, as it collects data, during reviewing claims and scoring frauds.

Claims data and advanced analytics to enhance the forecast model of claim projections, as per future needs.

Why Aspire

Vast experience in claims management services

We have implemented off-the-shelf solutions and customized world-class insurance claim solutions for global insurtechs and insurers

Hyper automation is our value proposition

We hyper-automate the claims lifecycle to increase straight-through processing and deliver superior customer experiences

Data and business insights

We empower adjustors with smart insights to make claim management solutions better

Seamless integration between external parties

We align dealers, TPAs, and MGAs - telematics solutions for usage-led driving scores

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