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Digital Commerce quality automation framework

Digital Commerce quality automation framework (DCqaf) is a best-in-class, robust, automation testing framework that is designed to address the business and functional challenges in developing retail solutions. DCqaf brings a tailor-made, flexible, secure and versatile testing framework that maximizes efficiency, collaboration and resource utilization to the project teams in the most cost-efficient way.

  • DCqaf supports mobile devices, multi-thread and multi-browser capabilities thereby reducing cross-browser testing complexities.
  • DCqaf enables short regression cycles by offering the teams with flexibility to frequent functionality changes and script modifications.
  • DCqaf offers multi test data execution for testcases which increases its flexibility immensely.
  • DCqaf also provides automation testing support for 3rd party ecommerce tools, test management applications and also enables easier integration with cloud-based platforms for browsers and mobile devices.

We have also designed intelligent automation solution accelerators that would ease the automation of manual and regression test scenarios thereby decreasing the time-to-market for the customers. Our Test Automation Accelerators include:

  • PROPEL-Q: A Java-based test automation framework that supports all types of test data.
  • PROPEL-M: This is a Java-based automation framework exclusively for mobile supporting Android and IOS platforms.
  • Packaged Applications (Demandware, Oracle Retail): A package of automated, ready-to-use scripts designed for Point of Sales, stores and other modules.

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