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Hyper-Testing methodology is an optimum solution for an organization’s pain points such as identifying defects in the initial stages and deliver quality as well as error-free solutions to the market in a shorter time. With our expertise in offering a vast array of Software Quality Engineering Services & Solutions across industry verticals, Aspire Systems has evolved its unique methodology to re-engineer your testing processes - a strategic concept we call Hyper-Testing.

Why does Hyper-Testing Matter?

  • A holistic view of the application being tested
  • Improved collaboration between distributed teams
  • Overall access to QA dashboard/metrics
  • Reduced testing feedback cycle time by 40%
  • Access to 1000+ devices/platforms in the cloud

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DevOps Testing

The most effective solution to achieve a continuous delivery process would be to integrate a fully automated Continuous Testing process into your DevOps initiatives.

At Aspire, our DevOps experts help organizations to automate DevOps pipeline by building a templated approach, taking into account all the essential components that any organization needs for their DevOps implementation. Our DevOps Testing services include the following:

  • Implementation of Continuous Testing
  • DevOps Pipeline Automation
  • Continuous Quality Monitoring
  • Automated Dashboard and Reports Generation
  • Continuous Integration, Build and Deployment

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Performance Engineering

Organizations begin to adopt Performance Engineering that allows the testing team to work along with the development team to initiate the testing process along with development. In short, the testing phase is shifted to the left to detect errors in the initial stages of development to avoid any last minute issues. Our solution, Hyper-Testing helps you in multiplying the ROI with its tailored solutions that focus mainly on testing the software continuously right from the design phase. Our capabilities include,

  • Continuous Performance Testing
  • Capacity Planning
  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Framework Design

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DevOps Continuous Testing

Test early for faster & high quality software release

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