Independent Software Testing Services

Framework to Streamline Your Application Performance Testing

performance testing framework

As companies pursue high-quality applications to help enhance customer experiences and accelerate product releases, they need the right testing strategy to enable this transformation. For enterprises that wrestle with the constant software challenges of longer response time, a sudden spike in concurrent user volumes, and sluggish performance, Aspire Systems provides reliable, cost-effective testing solutions.

APTf 2.0 is Aspire’s highly optimized performance testing framework, helping businesses to,

  • Achieve continuous delivery with continuous integration, and optimized testing operations.
  • Test software features with real scenarios and refine them in rapid iterations. Reproducing realistic usage and load conditions will help to spot and fix potential bottlenecks.
  • Access real-time performance metrics on load times, response times, and other key reports.
  • Ensure short delivery cycles and rigorous quality checks.

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