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Most enterprises are adopting a cloud-first policy and are heavily investing in SaaS applications, private cloud, public cloud and are playing at the intersection of the hybrid cloud. The increased use of cloud application and services generated new, complex business models that needed global integration networks to support such unprecedented cloud adoption under a single entity. For this reason, cloud integration platforms like iPaaS turned out to be the optimal solution to address such cloud integration challenges.

Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

Integration strategies around hybrid application portfolios have always been a complex roadmap and enterprises continue to face several cloud integration challenges. To cater to the cloud integration platform needs, businesses began to turn towards iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) that enables cloud-to-cloud, cloud-to-on-premise, on-premise-to-on-premise and bridges the gap across multiple business functions.

The Need for an iPaaS Strategy

The shifting consumer preferences require an agile and responsive IT landscape that allows easy accessing, managing and integrating business-critical data in real-time. Although organizations have embedded integration capabilities for specific use-cases, it’s the point-to-point integration nightmare that needs to be managed with several disparate cloud and on-premise sources leading to inconsistency and lack of transparency in connectivity through data, application, process, API and so on. Such integration complexities can be handled with a systematic, powerful cloud integration solution in place.

Easy Implementation

iPaaS architecture offers a new enterprise integration experience which is easy to use and navigate. iPaaS integration service is procured as a subscription service. It provides an intuitive web based console so that users don’t have to go through the on-premise installation hassle but receive automatic upgrades and deployments.

Increased Flexibility

With cloud integration platforms, you can now connect to all your internal systems and external partners and access them at your convenience. This means you get a centralized view of all your integration processes anytime and anywhere.

Stronger, Better Collaboration

A holistic iPaaS solution results in well-integrated enterprise that bolsters improved connectivity to streamline communication. Several cloud data integration tools promotes effective collaboration by allowing businesses to analyze, monitor and synchronize data.

Deliver Fast Business

A cloud –agnostic hybrid integration platform supports rapid data and application integration resulting in fast business delivery at reduced cost.


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