For the past three decades, Aspire has helped customers with a seamless business management suite starting from procurement to intelligent reporting. We have built three powerful solution accelerators that will help businesses hop onto a postmodern ERP solution. AFMS (Aspire’s Fusion Migration Solution) is a single custom solution that will help customers migrate seamlessly from different ERP platforms like EBS/Quickbooks/Sage/PeopleSoft/JD Edwards/Dynamics to Oracle Fusion thus saving 60% of the migration cost. Plastic manufacturers can now tackle complex ERP challenges with AIMCS (Aspire’s Injection Molding Cloud Solution), reducing engineering efforts- customizing, integrating, and reducing the overall implementation time. And Retailers can now manage all the aspects of the store with AMCS (Aspire’s Merchandising Cloud Solution) thus cutting down 40% of the cost, and providing a 360 degree view of customer insights for targeted campaigns.