Managed Testing Services

How Aspire's Enterprise Software Application Testing Services Ensures Quality Assurance

Over the past two decades, Aspire has been helping ISVs accelerate their application delivery by offering software application testing using best practices of Agile, DevOps and Shift-left methods. We employ the best-in-class automation frameworks and tools in our Enterprise Application Testing Services. Aspire offers its Managed Testing and QA services that incorporates AI in test automation with a structured test strategy called Hyper-Testing. This combines Quality Engineering and development teams to deliver quality work and offers the following business benefits.

Up to 35% cost savings within the first year | Up to 50% reduced test efforts | 20% improved time to market

How Do We Help You?

End-to-End Testing

We take complete care of enterprise software testing for LOB applications, Business Units, and Legacy Applications.

Service Optimization

We help in strengthening the end to end test automation by covering various areas like API Testing, Mobile Testing, Performance, Security Testing, and Functional Testing.

Legacy Applications Transformation

We help test the migration of legacy to new-age applications without any spillover of data by supporting both the platforms until the time of transformation.

Testing Centre of Excellence

We help set up and run a TCoE to enable centralized testing process, to improve test planning, management, governance, reporting and to gain access to the latest innovations in the testing field.


Why Aspire?

Quality at Speed –

  • Holistic agile testing approach to re-engineer testing process
  • Shift-Left approach with focus on all layers of product/application
  • Test automation in CI/CD mode
  • 360˚ view coverage of the application being tested

AI-led Test Automation –
AFTA 3.0

  • Reduces test automation effort by 40%
  • ML-based results analysis
  • AI-led script stabilizer for intelligent self-healing scripts
  • Huge reduction in script maintenance effort

Strong Pool of Scalable QA Resources

  • Multi-skilled resources with domain focus
  • Over 60% certified in ISTQB, Java, etc.
  • Attrition rate between 7.5% to 8.5% in the past 5 years

Global Presence and Execution Capability

  • Nearshore Presence (Dallas, Chicago & Mexico, Poland)
  • Offshore Presence (India) to support global requirements.
  • Experience working with 200+ customers

Case Study

Managed Testing Services Saves 15MN USD for A Media Broadcasting Solutions Provider

Implementing Hyper-Testing and AFTA to streamline the development and testing of their software applications allowed the customer to accelerate their turn-around time, increase Return on Investment to a greater extent with its cost-effective methods for handling production issues. Aspire’s Managed Testing Services accomplished an annual savings of $950,000 while decreasing 91% of testing efforts.


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