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Case study

Case study: 30% Cost Savings using Microservices with Kubernetes for a Telecom Company

Our client being a telecom distributor from the middle-east faced challenges in managing resources at high cost and delay in deployment and delivery. Aspire provided curated solutions that helped them reduce cost up to 30% and simplified deployment and resource management.

4 Dimensions of DevOps – The templated approach

Aspire’s DevOps as a service, where we serve defined approach called the templated approach that you can apply across various dimensions of DevOps in terms of parameters. Apply this to break down things into simpler forms and resolve them.

You can shrink the overall operations into these four dimensions in order to manage them in units without influencing each other. Also, applying common parameters across dimensions helps in strategizing all your functions from your development process to operations.

With DevOps as a service, we assist you to simplify your DevOps practice in the software life cycle. Let us help you accelerate application development and delivery by implementing this specially curated service.

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4 Dimensions of DevOps

Tools and Frameworks


Cloud and Infrastructure Management
Cloud and Infrastructure Management
Configuration Management
Configuration Managemen
Multi-Cloud Deployment & IAC
Multi-Cloud Deploymen
Log and Search Frameworks
Log and Search Frameworks



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DevOps Portal- Self- Provisioning Environment

Manage multiple environments on multiple clouds from a single portal with 30% improvement in team productivity.

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