eLearning Software Development

With the paradigm shift from traditional classrooms to digital learning, it is important to provide innovative eLearning applications for Edutech organizations to provide enriched end-user experience.

At Aspire, we design and develop tailor-made education software solutions for schools, colleges, universities, libraries, museums, K-12 schools, and other educational institutions for both mobile and web. Our extensive knowledge of the education industry, combined with our strong engineering skills, enables us to create high-quality and meaningful eLearning software development solutions for EduTech leaders across globe.

Aspire’s range of Education Software Development Capabilities 

Aspire’s bouquet of eLearning Product Engineering Offerings  

Core Services 

  • Consulting & Advisory 
  • Product Modernization 
  • SaaS / Cloud-native Application Development 
  • On-Demand Agile Squad 
  • Test Automation 

Specialized Services 

  • Cloud Optimization 
  • Microservices Migration 
  • UI/UX Modernization 
  • DevOps Implementation 

Our Accelerators

Techcello- SaaS Enablement

40% savings in building SaaS, Multitenant applications on Cloud

AFTA - Test Automation

40% reductions in testing efforts through automation

APTf- Performance Testing

40% reductions in costs & kickstarts performance testing 4-6 hours

IMAGYN.AI- AI Data & Analytics

40% savings on Next-Gen Al enablement efforts

Auras- Enterprise Integration

360° view of data, applications and systems across the hybrid IT landscape

DevOps Portal-Self-provisioning Environment

30% improvement in team productivity

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eLearning  Solution Helps American Online University to Improve Student Engagement with Interactive Website and AI Tutor Chatbot   

Our client wanted an userfriendly and self service website for their students. After a thorough research on understanding the client’s needs and the students’ expectations, Aspire helped them to create an interactive website with AI Tutor Chatbot for students to easily pursue degrees and get access to notes and practice papers for better support beyond classrooms. 

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Global leader in Education publishing and assessment provider trusts Aspire for their massive Cloud Transformation 

This customer wanted to revamp their existing end-user applications that had an intricate and complicated architecture. This involved migration from on-premise to AWS and re-platforming from legacy to microservices. Totally, 40+ applications were migrated, 25+ applications were refactored and 8 applications were Re-architected. 

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