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Our Enterprise Integration Managed Services & Support

It’s more than just support – it’s success empowerment

Aspire offers the full suite of managed support services for you to maximize your technology investments while enabling higher operational efficiency and consistent customer experiences. We also offer the flexibility to scale up or down to fit your business demands so that your enterprise has the right level of support at any given time. Our End-to-End Managed Services helps you to become more agile and productive in your day-to-day activities; we reduce the workload of your employees while unearthing opportunities to deliver customer satisfaction.

Aspire gives you all the tools to move away from a break-fix approach to a more proactive one to accelerate your enterprise’s continued journey towards digital transformation. From asset management and network support to infrastructure maintenance and support ticketing, we take your business to new heights by strengthening your control room.

Driving transformation from the ground up

Establish and sustain effective communication

Communicate with customers on a monthly/quarterly basis to provide updates on the overall progress/ status/ improvements in the support output.

Maximize SLA efficiency

Address all priority issues in accordance to the SLAs and assign the right resources on a project-by-project basis while identifying continuous improvement opportunities.

Automate regulatory compliance

Automate your business processes so that they are protected and in sync with regulatory compliance standards while tackling cybersecurity issues in real-time.

Proactively handle priority issues

Get your support team to continuously engage customers regarding priority issues and provide a high level of confidence and support.

Create a support ecosystem with Aspire if you are looking to

Proactively communicate to the customer on support-related issues through report or calls, with a scalable and flexible digital customer engagement strategy.

Provide support for emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and IoT and align infrastructure performance to future business objectives.

Instantly tackle governance and security challenges with secure protocols de-risks your enterprise from undergoing business disruption

Resolve critical issues temporarily with hot fixes while simultaneously planning a permanent fix with an optimized solution for deployment.

Do more than just ‘keeping the lights on’ with a unified digital-first support platform that offers more agility, collaboration, and transparency.

Stay on top of enterprise and customer challenges

Siloed support services

We offer L1, L2, and L3 support expertise and maturity that covers the entire spectrum of your enterprise’s IT stack, including newer and more disruptive technologies such as AI and IoT. Make sure that the efficiency of all your technology assets are fully maximized.

Reactive alerts and notifications

We proactively prevent system-related risks and system failures, including cybersecurity issues by resolving them before your team may even know it happened. Get peace of mind in knowing that your systems will always be up and running, without stressing out your employees.

Inefficient escalation and communication

We ensure transparent communication regarding any issue on-hold or requirement for additional information while initiating the escalation internally/externally, if needed. Stay on top of all your support tickets with streamlined escalation and communication protocols.

Disruptions in the IT ecosystem

Better understand your IT ecosystem by effectively monitoring the overall health, key strengths, and weaknesses of your systems, networks, and applications. Maximize business disruption and enable continuous process improvement across your enterprise.

Our Enterprise Integration Managed Support Service Offerings

Level 1 Support
  • Monitoring integration PROD environments Interfaces
  • Issue Identification and Ticket Creations
  • Ticket Acknowledgement
  • Ticket reassignment to other systems owners (if required)
  • Proactively inform users about issue and tentative timeline for fixes
  • On-demand FAQ support user communities
  • Escalation to L2 Support
Level 2 Support
  • Periodic monitoring Integration PROD environments
  • Issue Identification and Ticket Creations
  • Ticket acknowledgements (system generated)
  • Ticket Reassignment to other system owners (if required)
  • Ticket Resolution based on issue priority
  • System Updates and maintenance
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Escalation to L3 Engineers
Level 3 Support
  • Issues Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • Performance Tuning
  • Change Management
  • Enhancements
  • Code Development
  • Code level Defect Fixes
  • Environment Simulation
  • Version Upgrade/Migration
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Knowledge Management

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