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The Smart Robots that work 24x7 for your Bank

Leverage the power of AI and the surging popularity of RPA technology to strengthen digital transformation initiatives. Aspire Systems’ RPA services helps banks drastically accelerate speed of work and adherence to working procedures in repetitive and heavy manual processes while Aspire Systems’ AI services allows banks to perform complex and tedious tasks requiring expert decision-making at greater scale, speed, and accuracy than humans.

Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Aspire Systems offers banks a RPA journey that helps plan and execute automation technologies on an enterprise-wide basis, integrate siloed operations, applications and data, build internal capabilities to adapt and scale, and more importantly, create business value with competitive advantages. At the same time, it speeds up core processes, dramatically enhances productivity and accuracy, lowers costs, and reduces time to market for new offerings.

Top 3 RPA and AI Use Cases for the Banking Industry

Digital Customer Onboarding

Customer onboarding process is the top for the success of a bank. Learn how to slash customer onboarding investments to half. How to provide superior onboarding experiences with RPA?.

Mortgage Loan Origination

Lenders typically spend time processing mortgage requests, manually. Using RPA, banks can replicate the effort of a human as part of a repetitive process to accomplish tasks faster and with higher accuracy rate. How to speed up mortgage loan process with RPA?

Fraud Detection

Thomson Reuters state that an average $ 60 million per firm per year is spent on regulatory compliance and customer due diligence. As connectivity aids more fraudulent activities, RPA-integration can ensure that the banks always remain two steps ahead of such attempts. How to use RPA for fraud manangement?

RPA and AI benefits, delivered

Slash down processing cost by 30–70%  and turnaround time from days to hours or minutes

Build robots with high accuracy at lowest cost to complete tasks by themselves

Generate full audit trails for each process to achieve compliance whilst reducing business risk